# Component

# Usage Example


# Props

# columns

  • Type: Object

  • Detail:

    The column options of Bootstrap Table. This prop is required.

  • Default: undefined

# data

  • Type: Array | Object

  • Detail:

    The data to be loaded.

  • Default: undefined

# options

  • Type: Object

  • Detail:

    The table options of Bootstrap Table.

  • Default: {}

# Events

The calling method syntax: @on-event="onEvent".

All events (without onAll) are defined in Events API.

Note: you need to convert event name to lowercase + hyphen format, for example: onClickRow should be on-click-row.

# Methods

The calling method syntax: this.$refs.table.methodName(parameter).

Example: this.$refs.table.getOptions().

All methods are defined in Methods API.